The next James Bond: Possible 007’s after Daniel Craig hangs up his tuxedo

With Daniel Craig still contracted for two more James Bond movies, it gives us plenty of time to consider who could be his replacement. That being said, rumours have always circulated surrounding acts who could slip into the tuxedo and sip at the vodka martini so why not feast on the list of possible candidates below.
Tom Hardy – Hardy has fast become one of the go-to British guys in Hollywood. Having established himself both as a physically strong candidate and a simply superb dramatic actor, Hardy also possesses a keen wit. Combine these elements and surely you have one of the top candidates for the role?
Henry Cavill – Currently gracing the world with an ‘S’ on his chest as Superman, Cavill was actually turned down for the role of Bond for being too young, and was beaten to the punch by Daniel Craig himself. Years down the line, and with Cavill proving his leading man muscle, could he finally get the chance to prove himself as 007?
Clive Owen – Owen’s is a name who has always been linked with Bond and why not. He has charisma, charm and can certainly handle himself in a fight. Through the years he has remained a British actor worthy of plaudits, ‘Children Of Men’ and ‘Shadow Dancer’ just two films seeing the best of Owen and slotting him into a candidate position.
Tom Hiddleston – He may have provided the villain in the smash blockbuster ‘Avengers Assemble’ but Hiddleston is definitely a strong possibility for Bond. Raising his stock with every film he appears in, Hiddleston is fast becoming the best current talent from the UK and he would certainly epitomise everything a James Bond should be.
Jason Statham – A huge outside choice but certainly one that would ruffle a few feathers and take James Bond into a whole new direction, Statham would provide the grittiest of Bonds. His trademark swagger and fighting credentials without a doubt make ‘the Stath’ a mouth-watering proposition as a possible Bond so maybe it isn’t so ludicrous after all…
It’s early days yet but with the strong line-up above you may want an early flutter at the bookmakers just in case. Don’t say I didn’t tell you so!
James Thompson has a film taste that ranges from blockbusters to foreign cinema gems. Whilst he bows down to Denzel Washington, he would gladly don a Spider-Man suit to save Emma Stone any day.



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