BOND 24: Playwright Jez Butterworth Hired for Final Script Rewrite

Playwright and Edge of Tomorrow writer Jez Butterworth has revealed that he has been hired to apply a final bit of polish to the script for next year’s 24th James Bond film.

Butterworth is best known for the eight plays he wrote between 1992 and 2012, including Mojo and Jerusalem. He has also penned scripts for the big screen including the aforementioned Tom Cruise blockbuster and James Brown biopic Get On Up.

The 45-year-old Brit spoke to The New Yorker while in the Big Apple to promote the new film, and revealed his participation in Sam Mendes’ follow-up to 2012’s Skyfall. Butterworth did similar work on that film, and spoke of the dos and don’ts of rewriting Bond.

The article describes the changes he would make as those his 12-year-old self would be pleased about. “You know, like Bond doesn’t have scenes with other men. Bond shoots other men – he doesn’t sit around chatting to them. So you put a line through that.”




    1. Con SKYFALL fu chiamato John Logan, in Quantum of Solace ci fu il ritorno di Paul Haggis. Jez Butterworth è una gran firma del cinema odierno. Rimaniamo in attesa della conferenza stampa che dovrebbe essere annunciata a giorni.

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