On December 18th 1969, a new Bond film exploded onto cinema screens with a glittering Royal World Premiere at the Odeon Theatre, Leicester Square, London in the presence of the Duke and Duchess of Kent.

It was the film debut of Australian actor George Lazenby, who took over the role of agent 007 from the legendary Sean Connery who had defined the role since the first film in 1962. Today, on it´s 45th anniversary, ‘ON HER MAJESTY´S SECRET SERVICE’ is still a controversial issue for many Bond and Film Fans – some love the film and hold it in highest regard, while others don´t like it at all. Various reasons divide both sides and talking about the 6th Bond film in the franchise at fan meetings and gatherings across the globe can spark many heated conversations.




  1. Io lo disprezzavo…poi ho avuto modo di rivederlo recentemente e con calma e ho cambiato completamente idea. Trovo sia un bellissimo film. Promuovo lazenby in toto. Molto fisico e moderno. Credo che il film acquistera’ sempre piu’ consensi

  2. poche chiacchiere: il+bello della saga! e se lazenby avesse voluto continuare avrebbe potuto arrivare fino all’inizio degli anni ’90, passando direttamente il testimone a brosnan e così oggi ci ricorderemmo di lui come del solo e unico 007!

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