Licence to chill! Daniel Craig keeps warm with the help of earmuffs as he films dramatic plane crash for new Bond installment Spectre

unpublished images!!

There are many perks to being top spy James Bond, no doubt top of his list would be the stunning female agents he gets partnered with.
However taking on the role of 007 for the much loved films requires travelling to various parts of the world to ensure that viewers are treated to visually stunning scenes.
Situated in Obertilliach, Austria as shooting for Spectre continues, Daniel Craig was pictured sporting fashionable earmuffs as he braved the chill while an elaborate plane crash was staged.

Dressed in all black, the father-of-one donned a thick quilted jacket and kept his hands in pockets as the crew set up the scene and ran him through the safety measures.
Joined on set by director Sam Mendes, once the cameras got rolling, the actor was pictured running out of the battered plane, which appeared to be shot down and on fire, while wielding a gun.

So far the actor has already been spotted on a sea vessel in Lake Altausseer See, Altausee.
He was also seen filming last month alongside Rory Kinnear – who plays MI6’s Bill Tanner – as they braved the chilly morning temperatures in London for the scene.
It seems the race is really on if the film is to meet it’s box office deadline of a UK release this October.





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  1. sono curiosissimo di sapere quale sarà il look dei cattivi, in particolare hinx. su skyfall è stato fatto un lavoro notevole sul look dei personaggi, tutti originali ma con un (indispensabile) tocco di stravaganza un pò retrò. speriamo che per spectre non siano da meno.

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