James Bond Spectre car chase shoot sees Rome flats hired out for £739 PER DAY

Residents in flats overlooking a car chase for the new James Bond film are charging fans £739 per day to catch the action.

Filming on Spectre with Daniel Craig as 007 is set to bring Rome to a standstill.

But by selling tickets to use their homes for director Sam Mendes’ four-day shoot next month, flat owners on Via Nomentana could make thousands.

Tickets are set to be flogged for the hire of the ideally positioned flats, with neighbours expecting to make up to £4,000 per apartment, particularly from wealthy Russian tourists.

The high-octane clip will see Daniel Craig stop outside the nearby Villa Torlonia – Mussolini’s private residence – before Bond is pursued down secret tunnels and bunkers, once built to protect the fascist dictator’s family.

The scene for the 24th 007 film will see some of Rome’s most famous streets completely shut down, with 800 security guards primed to accompany residents around the neighbourhood.


Giuliano Pintus said: “Everyone in my building is very excited because they have a fantastic view of the street, and are selling tickets for the night and inviting friends for big parties.

“They will charge a lot, but at the moment they are trying to decide how much!”

Twenty of the 68 apartments directly face Via Nomentana, offering the best view of Craig’s dash through Rome, with filming starting on March 7.

The authorities are said to have pocketed a six-figure compensation from movie giants MGM for the inconvenience of staging the car pursuit.

Spectre is set for release in November, and also stars Monica Bellucci, 50, making history as the oldest ever Bond girl, playing character Lucia Sciarra.
Resident Daniela, who works for an investment bank in London, said: “A colleague of mine with a PhD who works for the European Commission is flying here especially to stay up all night because its an exciting, cool event.

“I won’t charge anything because it’s nice to offer to friends and I don’t want strangers in my flat.

“The shoot will create a major traffic jam as its one of the main roads taking people from the north of Rome to the centre. Some commuters won’t be happy.”



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