Who was Sir Miles Messervy? – The Men Who Were ‘M’

Artistic Licence Renewed

Article by Benjamin Welton; Featured Image by George Almond

Valentine Fleming [Image: Ian Fleming Publications] Valentine Fleming [Image: IanFleming.com] Ian Fleming was fortunate in that he had a lot to draw from once he sat down to create James Bond. Not only did he have literary forbearers such as W. Somerset Maugham, Sapper, and Raymond Chandler to emulate, but his actual life was swimming in men-of-action, many of whom could’ve easily been the basis for 007. First and foremost among them was his father Valentine Fleming. The elder Fleming’s life was a snapshot of a lost Victorian world wherein much was expected from the “better” classes. Born in Scotland to a wealthy banking family, Valentine managed to go from Eton to Oxford until finally ending up as a Conservative MP. In 1914, Valentine became an officer in the Queen’s Own Oxfordshire Hussars, thus completing the gentleman’s cycle from celebrated school to national gallantry. Three…

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