Craig and Mendes to return for Bond 25

I know people in London who work in the film industry. I was at a function the other day and heard a few things which back up comments I’ve been hearing.
A treatment by Purvis & Wade, and Steven Knight has been thrown out.

EON are meeting directors but only on a speculatively basis. Numerous people have gone in, despite previous commitments. Eg; I know for fact that Colin Trevorrow met with EON in the last few weeks (despite being tied up till 2019 on Star Wars).

Sam Mendes apparently has an “idea” for Bond 25. It’s something that has the backing of Daniel Craig.

I presume Mendes is working with Jez Butterworth on the “idea” (this is a guess by me as I know they’re doing a play together next year).

I’ve heard the agreement is Mendes and Craig will develop the idea and if it comes together they’ll return. If they can’t get it to work, they will leave as planned.

No word on release date. But considering the original script as been abandoned and Mendes is working from scratch, it would seem that 2019 is most likely. Mendes will shoot Beautiful Ruins first in August next year.


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