Former James Bond Pierce Brosnan returns to TV after 30 years in The Son

Pierce Brosnan, the former James Bond, will take a leading role in The Son, a series launching on US TV network AMC in April. The Irish actor is making his comeback to the small screen, a medium that kickstarted his career in the 1980s.AMC, the network behind hit shows Mad Men, Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead, will present its latest original creation, The Son, on April 8. This western follows the birth of the USA as a global superpower through the rise and fall of a Texan family at the helm of an oil empire.

The plot of this 10-episode drama spans three generations of the family. Pierce Brosnan plays the patriarch, and the charismatic Eli McCullough. Henry Garrett, Shane Graham and Sydney Lucas also star in the show. Brosnan has been keen to return to TV for several years. The actor rose to fame in the 1980s thanks to his role in the series Remington Steele. From 1982 to 1987, he played a charming thief working alongside private detective Laura Holt. The drama was cancelled after five seasons at the request of the actor, who was initially forced to decline the James Bond role due to commitments to NBC.


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