Lulu reveals she and Madonna have recorded the ‘WORST’ James Bond theme tunes ever

She’s racked up many an accolade in her time, including 10 hit singles.But it seems that Lulu would rather forget one huge moment in her career, her theme tune for the James Bond film, The Man With The Golden Gun (1974). Speaking about the single for the classic flick, the Scottish singer, 68, said that she recorded one of the “worst” theme tunes “ever”. In a video interview as part of Vauxhall Motor’s Great British Legends series, GQ’s Dylan Jones quizzed Lulu on her feelings towards the song.

“I think mine was probably the worst one ever – mine was not a great song,” she told him when the subject of her 1974 Bond-theme came up. But when Dylan opined that nothing could be worse than Madonna’s single for 2002’s Die Another Day was far worse, Lulu cheekily slammed both songs. “Oh, yes, hers was pretty bad,” she admitted, before adding: “Probably Madonna and I [we’re the worst]. That’s the only time Madonna and I could be grouped together on anything.”


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