Reports that Barbara Broccoli is busy on other projects, not waiting for Daniel Craig

Producer Barbara Broccoli is not waiting around for him to “get off his arse,” to start making Bond 25 according to a report in Page Six today.The column explains: “Broccoli was at dinner at the Chateau Marmont with other high-profile filmmakers on Tuesday, and pals said she’s not sure when the next 007 film will shoot.”
“She’s busy producing two other films and a play, including the London hit “The Kid Stays in the Picture,” which is expected to head to Broadway next.”

Although there were rumblings of Christopher Nolan’s potential involvement a few days ago, Bond 25 does not have an announced director and writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade only started on a new treatment in early April. Throw into the mix the non-Bond projects that Broccoli is pursuing, it’s now highly implausible that any filming Bond 25 will start this year. Whether Daniel Craig is sitting on his arse or not.

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Christopher Nolan and James Bond: Here’s Why He’s a Perfect Fit

Christopher Nolan has made no secret of his attraction to James Bond. Ever since 2010, the director who revived the “Batman” franchise with his “Dark Knight Trilogy” has repeatedly expressed his desire to helm a Bond movie. He told the BBC:

“I’ve loved the Bond films since I was a kid. For me, they’re always about the expansiveness of cinema. The first Bond films set up infinite possibilities about the world they create. I’d love to do a Bond film.”

Bond fans went wild when on Thursday an IMDbPro listing of “Bond 25” under Nolan’s production company Syncopy set off a flurry of hopeful Nolan for Bond speculation. After insisting the information was real, IMDb then abruptly removed the listing.

While Daniel Craig is coming closer to a commitment to star in a script by Neil Purvis and Robert Wade, Eon Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson — who are notoriously secretive about all things Bond — have yet to sign a director. Word is they could go indie and are considering Paul McGuigan.

It’s more likely that if Nolan does make a Bond deal — he’s deep in the final stages of editing “Dunkirk” for July 21 Warner Bros. release — he’d want to develop his own take on 007 for “Bond 26.”

Oh, what a match Nolan and Bond would make, especially if Nolan regular Tom Hardy were to take on 007. That’s because Nolan is one of the rare directors who can juggle eye-popping spectacle and intimacy, complex plotting and character exploration.

Nolan, of course, survived three “Batman” movies, so he knows his way through franchise lore. He’s invested in the pressure to satisfy legions of fans while trying out new tricks. And with “Inception,” he has already played around with the elements of high-stakes espionage material. The character isn’t just due for a reboot; it’s due for a reimagining, and Nolan would find a creative way to reconstruct this iconic world.

Most importantly, actors love working with Nolan, and he excels at creating memorable roles for them. Who better than Hardy to take the deadly and sexy killer spy into dangerous new territory? Please. Let it be.

Bond 25: Christopher Nolan linked to new 007 outing amid reports Syncopy will produce

It’s still unknown who will take over from Sam Mendes as the next Bond series director, however, fresh reports have linked acclaimed filmmaker Christopher Nolan to the role.

Slash Film reports that Dunkirk director’s production company Syncopy has had its IMDb page updated to include Bond 25 as one of its upcoming projects hinting that Nolan may be involved with the project in some small way, at least.

Movements have begun to be made with the next 007 instalment following Spectre’s release in 2015. Longtime Bond screenwriters Neal Purvis and Robert Wade were recently approached to begin writing the next film looks likely to see Daniel Craig return as the spy.

Daniel Craig: ready to do a final Bond

DANIEL Craig looked like he meant business as he was pictured stepping out in Hampstead.The rugged actor, 49, is reportedly ready to return for a final time as James Bond, and he cut a powerful figure as he strolled through the leafy London area.

His beefy frame was covered with a black leather jacket, black buttoned down shirt and navy jeans. He turned up the trousers to show off his brown shoes and finished the look with a dark flat cap and shades. The star sported grey stubble and kept a straight face as he returned to his grey Range Rover.

Earlier this month The Sun reported that Daniel was “ready to do a final Bond” after film producer Barbara Broccoli worked her magic to get him back on board.

The British actor is highly tipped to resume his iconic role as the MI5 spy in the next movie, which will be the 25th instalment of the franchise.

It would be a U-Turn for the hunk, who has played Bond for the past four films, as last year he said he would rather “slash [his] wrists” than portray the spy again, but later admitted he would do another Bond movie “for the money”.

Sources revealed to gossip website Page Six that the Hollywood icon was all set to portray the suave womaniser for a fifth time after working closely with Barbara on recent US stage show Othello.

One said: “Daniel had such a good time in ‘Othello,’ produced by Barbara, that he’s ready to do a final Bond.”
Another supported the claims and added Daniel had been “just about persuaded” by Barbara.

James Bond 25: Paul McGuigan linked with directing

Amongst the many questions that need resolving where James Bond 25 is concerned is who’s going to be sitting in the director’s chair. Sam Mendes, who helmed the last two 007 adventures – Skyfall and Spectre – has long since confirmed he wouldn’t be back. And with Neal Purvis and Robert Wade putting together a script for an assumed shoot later this year, the identity of the new director is likely to need resolving sooner rather than later.
We might just have our first candidate, too.

Paul McGuigan, whose big screen work has included Lucky Number Slevin, Gangster Number 1 and Victor Frankenstein, is reported to be on Eon Productions’ list. This is off the back of strong early word for McGuigan’s next film, Film Stars Don’t Die In Liverpool.

McGuigan is also the man who directed four of the first six episodes of Sherlock, as well as the opening episode of Luke Cage for Marvel (amongst his many impressive television credits). It’s unknown yet who else is in the running for the James Bond 25 director’s job. Likewise, we’ve not yet had it confirmed – although it’s looking increasingly likely – that Daniel Craig will be returning for the next 007 film as well. As we said, lots of question still await an answer. We’ll keep you posted as we hear more. The assumption continues to be that James Bond 25 will be released towards the end of 2018.


Boss battles are an integral part of the James Bond film franchise; nearly every Bond movie has its resident tough guy, a seemingly insurmountable human obstacle that 007 must square off against. While our hero has faced many rogues, from Oddjob to Jaws, only a few have come truly iconic. Even fewer have returned for more than one James Bond film.

Dave Bautista, the former WWE star turned actor, currently playing the role of Drax the Destroyer in “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2,” recently expressed interest rejoining the James Bond universe. When last we saw Bautista’s character, the all-but-unstoppable villain Mr. Hinx in 2015’s “Spectre,” Bond was tossing him from a moving train. While audiences assumed that’d be the last we’d see of “Spectre’s “resident tough-guy-henchman, the man behind the monster sees value in a return fight.

When talking at the “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” European premiere to Bautista discussed the possibility of returning to the spy franchise, saying, “Yeah! Believe me we’re talking about it a lot. We’re waiting at home with our fingers crossed… We’re waiting for the news to see if Daniel will sign up for Bond 25, because then there’s a chance that Hinx will come back.”

‘James Bond 25’ Ignites Bidding War Between 5 Studios

EON and MGM own the rights to the James Bond films, but they do not distribute them. They’re production companies, but they need a distributor to get the film into theaters and handle the marketing. Sony Pictures had owned the rights to Bond since 2006, but that ownership expired in 2015 with Spectre. Now the rights are back up for grabs and the New York Times reports that five studios are in contention to make the next Bond movie.The five studios fighting for the rights to Bond are Sony, Warner Bros., Universal Pictures, 20th Century Fox, and Annapurna (Paramount is out because it’s been struggling and recently hired a new chairman, and Disney is already flushed with family-friendly franchises).

It’s worth noting that right now MGM and EON are only offering a one-picture deal. Per the NY Times, “MGM, which is owned by private equity firms, including Anchorage Capital Partners, probably wants to keep its options open as it considers a sale or public offering.” It’s also a smart play to see who’s a good steward of the franchise. If someone completely botches the release of Bond 25, you don’t want to be tied to them for three or four more pictures.

As for whether or not a new actor will be coming on to play Bond, producers are hoping to get Daniel Craig back for one more movie. There’s reportedly a gap in his schedule where, if things come together, he would have time to make the movie.

It’s worth noting that the value of franchises are outweighed by the particular benefits offered by Bond. According to the Times:
“Under its previous agreement, Sony paid 50 percent of the production costs for “Spectre” — which totaled some $250 million after accounting for government incentives — but only received 25 percent of certain profits, once costs were recouped. Sony also shouldered tens of millions of dollars in marketing and had to give MGM a piece of the profit from non-Bond films Sony had in its own pipeline, including “22 Jump Street.”
So why give so much when you’re going to get so little? Because Bond is a guaranteed hit. It generates massive interest worldwide, and it’s one of the few franchises that can be sold on name recognition alone. There’s a reason it’s endured for over fifty years and weathered loads of bad movies. And while Bond would be a nice addition to massive studios like Sony, WB, Universal, and 20th Century Fox, it could be a game-changer for up-and-comer Annapurna, which only recently became a distributor and has stuck mostly to pushing auteur-driven cinema as opposed to blockbusters. It will be interesting to see where Bond lands and how it affects the studio that acquires the rights.