Order of British Empire today at Buckingham Palace for Naomie Harris

Naomie Harris praised Danny Boyle as she was appointed an OBE at Buckingham Palace.
The 40-year-old actress was honoured by the Queen for her services to drama at an investiture ceremony on Thursday. She described the honour as “phenomenal” and credited her career to director Danny Boyle who she said ‘took a chance’ on her when she was starting out as an actress.

“This is really phenomenal,” she told reporters. “This is representing my country and being recognised for having made a contribution to the nation. It can’t get better than that.

“I credit so much to Danny Boyle. He really gave me a chance when nobody else would at the start of my career when I had no credits to my name. “Then later on he gave me a part in Frankenstein at the National after having left drama school ten years before and not having done any theatre. He took a chance again and that’s how Bond happened.”

Harris said the Queen asked her about her upcoming projects and congratulated her on the success of her award winning film, Moonlight. Speaking about meeting the monarch, Harris said: “I was impressed by how youthful she looked. She looked incredibly young and really healthy – and she has good skin.”


James Bond Next to Film in Dubrovnik?

After the filming of Game of Thrones and Star Wars, one of the most famous film series in history could be the next major coup for popular Croatian city of Dubrovnik…Whilst the Star Wars crew will be in Dubrovnik in two weeks to start shooting the follow-up to the blockbuster The Force Awakens, the city’s Major has revealed on Monday that negotiations are underway to bring 007 to town.

“We are negotiating at the moment. We would need to pay. Negotiations about money is going on, and it’s not easy to negotiate with James Bond, but we have started,” Dubrovnik Mayor Andro Vlahušić told RTL. The James Bond spy film series is one of the longest continually-running film series in history, having been in on-going production from 1962 to the present (with a six-year hiatus between 1989 and 1995). In that time Eon Productions has produced 24 films with a combined gross of over $7 billion. Last year the picturesque Istrian town of Rovinj was used as the setting for Heineken’s global campaign for the James Bond film ‘Spectre’. The high adrenaline ad saw the famous spy in a high-speed boat chase, with a montage of Rovinj featuring in some scenes. Soon the real thing could be coming to Croatia.


First Look At Steven Soderbergh’s Logan Lucky

Steven Soderbergh wasn’t likely to just pick any project to mark his return to cinema after taking a break to focus on TV and other media. And heist caper Logan Lucky, which has a loaded cast, now has a release date across the pond. Check out the likes of Daniel Craig and Adam Driver in the image above.
The film, written by Rebecca Blunt, follows two brothers, Jimmy (Channing Tatum) and Clyde (Driver) Logan, who hatch an elaborate robbery scheme they plan to pull off during the Coca Cola Cup NASCAR race held at Charlotte Motor Speedway. The loot will be stolen via an elaborate hydraulic tube system under the speedway track, with the race serving as the perfect distraction. And from the looks of it, Craig is along as part of the gang.


Lulu reveals she and Madonna have recorded the ‘WORST’ James Bond theme tunes ever

She’s racked up many an accolade in her time, including 10 hit singles.But it seems that Lulu would rather forget one huge moment in her career, her theme tune for the James Bond film, The Man With The Golden Gun (1974). Speaking about the single for the classic flick, the Scottish singer, 68, said that she recorded one of the “worst” theme tunes “ever”. In a video interview as part of Vauxhall Motor’s Great British Legends series, GQ’s Dylan Jones quizzed Lulu on her feelings towards the song.

“I think mine was probably the worst one ever – mine was not a great song,” she told him when the subject of her 1974 Bond-theme came up. But when Dylan opined that nothing could be worse than Madonna’s single for 2002’s Die Another Day was far worse, Lulu cheekily slammed both songs. “Oh, yes, hers was pretty bad,” she admitted, before adding: “Probably Madonna and I [we’re the worst]. That’s the only time Madonna and I could be grouped together on anything.”


James Bond 25 FIRST LOOK: Production ‘UNDER WAY’ but who’ll play 007? 

It’s been reported that bosses have all the plot details lined up – and have secured a helicopter that will be blown up as part of a huge stunt.Producers are thought to have finished-up the script and have already purchased the chopper from an aeronautical museum in Wernigerode in the German state of Saxony-Anhalt. The model, a Bell UH-1D or Huey, was introduced in 1959 worldwide including by the US Air Force in the Vietnam War. It’s not particularly airworthy nowadays, which is perhaps why it’s been chosen – so it can simply be blown to pieces.

Museum director Clemens Aulich, 55, told CEN that the aircraft is “functional” but cannot fly on its own power. It is now allegedly set to be transferred to London Heathrow ahead of James Bond filming in a few weeks, according to local media. Earlier today it was reported that John Wick: Chapter Two director Chad Stahelski had his hat in the ring to helm the 25th 007 movie.

He told Movieweb: “I’m interested in projects where you can world create. To jump back into somebody else’s world where it’s already been around for so long would be scary. “But if there was one property, [Bond] wouldn’t be a bad one to try and invest yourself.“Especially because of the ebb and flow of the Bond universe right now, I think the timing is good for a slight reinvention with a different perspective shift.”He elaborated: “Bond has gone from completely serious to totally cheeky to really fun again, to emotional, to serious, to internal, to external. “I would love to give the pitch and if they got my wacky version of it, and it fit, yeah. That’s almost a dream too big.” Tom Hardy and Michael Fassbender are among the favourites to take over from Daniel Craig if he does not reprise his leading role.


Torna James Bond dal 5 Febbraio su RaiMovie

Torna James Bond in tv dal 5 Febbraio su Rai Movie. Due appuntamenti settimanali alle 21.20: la domenica è dedicata a Sean Connery mentre il mercoledì è la volta degli 007 interpretati da Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan e Daniel Craig. L’unico film che non vedremo sarà Spectre, in quanto la tv non gode ancora i diritti per poterlo trasmettere. 

Neil Purvis: Con gente come Trump, il cattivo di Bond è diventato una realtà

In un’intervista su The Telegraph Neal Purvis e Robert Wade, gli sceneggiatori che hanno lavorato agli ultimi sei film della saga di 007, hanno parlato anche di questioni inerenti i cambiamenti geopolitici nel mondo reale, che vanno a contaminare anche gli equilibri interni alla saga di James Bond, perennemente in bilico tra fantasia e realtà.
A proposito di Trump, Purvis ha detto:

“[…] Non sono sicuro di come si dovrebbe scrivere un film di James Bond adesso.”

“Ogni volta, si ha modo di dire qualcosa a riguardo del posto che occupa Bond nel mondo, che poi è quello che occupa la Gran Bretagna. Ma le cose stanno cambiando così rapidamente ora, che diventa difficile. Con gente come (il Presidente degli Stati Uniti) Trump, il cattivo di Bond è diventato una realtà. Così, quando faremo un nuovo film, sarà interessante affrontare l’idea che la storia non è solo una fantasia”.

James Bond return CONFIRMED: Latest 007 story announced for October 2018

JAMES BOND’S next outing in the long-running book series has been confirmed, courtesy of writer Anthony Horowitz.

Asked on Twitter if he was writing another 007 novel after the success of 2015’s Trigger Mortis, he revealed that the next caper is en route.

“Starting Bond this summer,” he told a follower on Twitter earlier this week. When someone else pushed for a release date, he teased: “Should be out October ’18.”

Kingsley Amis, John Pearson, Christopher Wood, John Gardner, Raymond Benson, Sebastian Faulks, Jeffery Deaver and William Boyd have also penned Bond books since original writer Ian Fleming died in 1965.

Former James Bond Pierce Brosnan returns to TV after 30 years in The Son

Pierce Brosnan, the former James Bond, will take a leading role in The Son, a series launching on US TV network AMC in April. The Irish actor is making his comeback to the small screen, a medium that kickstarted his career in the 1980s.AMC, the network behind hit shows Mad Men, Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead, will present its latest original creation, The Son, on April 8. This western follows the birth of the USA as a global superpower through the rise and fall of a Texan family at the helm of an oil empire.

The plot of this 10-episode drama spans three generations of the family. Pierce Brosnan plays the patriarch, and the charismatic Eli McCullough. Henry Garrett, Shane Graham and Sydney Lucas also star in the show. Brosnan has been keen to return to TV for several years. The actor rose to fame in the 1980s thanks to his role in the series Remington Steele. From 1982 to 1987, he played a charming thief working alongside private detective Laura Holt. The drama was cancelled after five seasons at the request of the actor, who was initially forced to decline the James Bond role due to commitments to NBC.