Roger Moore stage opened at Pinewood Studios

A soundstage named after the late Sir Roger Moore has been opened by the Countess of Wessex at Pinewood Studios.Dame Joan Collins, Sir Michael Caine and Bond producers Michael G Wilson and Barbara Broccoli were among the attendees at Sunday’s private event.

Lady Moore and the star’s three children paid an emotional tribute, saying how proud Sir Roger would be.

Sir Roger, who played secret agent James Bond in seven films, died from cancer in May at the age of 89.

It would have been his 90th birthday on Saturday.

Other guests included Stephen Fry, Sir Tim Rice, Stefanie Powers and David Walliams, representing Unicef.

Sir Roger acted in more than 40 productions at Pinewood in Buckinghamshire and also had an office there.


Bond 25 shock: Former director says he would return but only if Daniel Craig NOT involved

Martin Campbell helmed two of the most highly-regarded OO7 outings of the modern era.The director freely admits that Barbara Broccoli and her team are always trying to get him to come back and make more.

Even though he has already directed Craig, in his first outing as the secret agent in 2006’s Casino Royale, the Kiwi director admitted he is not interested in repeating the experience.

Casino Royale was a major box office hit and managed to please fans and critics, as well as successfully establishing a new age of the British spy on screen.

So, what is Robinson’s problem with his leading man?

Robinson explained why in a new interview with CinemaBlend. He explained that he turned down the chance to direct the follow-up to Goldeneye for one important reason.

He said: “I don’t know if it was sort of arrogance or whatever I don’t know. I just sort of said no to it. I was pretty much offered every one after that. But I just felt that I was repeated it. Another control room to blow up; another nutcase taking over the world.

“And also there is something refreshing about starting a new Bond, and particularly with Pierce [Brosnan]. It was sort of a Cold War sort of situation then, and we had Judi Dench for the first time. So there was a kind of excitement to doing it.”

He applied the same reasoning to not wanting to make any more films with Brosnan’s successor.

Robinson said: “Casino Royale was the same thing. Much the same reasons, actually.”

So, would he be tempted to return to the franchise after Craig has stepped down? And what does he really think of the departing actor’s time in the role?
Robinson said: “I might be, so never say never… Yeah ( I would consider returning). I think Daniel is terrific… First of all he’s a terrific actor, but secondly he brings that sort of toughness and rough edge to Bond that is now so relevant.”

He even worked a cheeky Bond film title into his response.

Let’s hope Robinson returns in style soon…

Bond 25 producer Barbara Broccoli says “of course” she’d consider a female director

Lucasfilm recently had an opportunity to bring a female director into the Star Wars fold when Colin Trevorrow was fired from Episode IX, but the studio went with J.J. Abrams instead. Meanwhile, MGM and Eon Productions are readying the next James Bond movie, and with no director attached yet, people are wondering if Bond will be the next big franchise to recognize that women can also make movies. According to Screen Daily (via Screen Crush), Bond series producer Barbara Broccoli is aware of the opportunity that those movies have now, and she’s definitely open to hiring a woman to direct Bond 25.
Broccoli says she would “of course” be open to considering a female director for the Bond series, adding that “it’s incredibly important to support change in front of and behind the camera.” That’s no guarantee that a woman will direct Bond 25, but it would be a first for the series if it does happen.

Surprising plot for new ‘James Bond’ movie leaks

After Daniel Craig confirmed that he’s signed on to return as James Bond for his fifth film in the franchise, there are already leaks about the planned plot for the film, which will have 007 married, sources exclusively tell Page Six.

Craig did not confirm his return as the superspy until he revealed his decision on Stephen Colbert’s show in August, but regular Bond screenwriters Robert Wade and Neal Purvis reportedly boarded the project back in March.

The team’s worked on Bond films including “Casino Royale,” “Quantum of Solace,” “Skyfall” and “Spectre,” which they took over from a John Logan draft.

A Hollywood insider tells us that in the film that’s so far been dubbed “Bond 25”: “Bond quits the secret service, and he’s in love and gets married.” The source continues that “his wife then gets killed,” bringing Bond back into action.

In the franchise’s last film from 2015, “Spectre,” Bond’s love interest was Léa Seydoux as Dr. Madeleine Swann— who’s (naturally) rescued by Bond just before the closing credits. But the source says that as the next film opens, they are in wedded bliss. “The film’s like ‘Taken’ with Bond,” says the source, who adds the suave spy is trying to avenge his wife’s murder.

It’s unclear if the writers will rework the plot after the leak. Some fans have guessed that the world’s most famous fictitious playboy could tie the knot in the next installment. One blog,, pointed out that “Ian Fleming constantly had Bond thinking about settling down in his original books,” and, “In both the book and film versions of ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service,’ Bond is married to Tracy Draco, only to have her brutally murdered by [Bond archnemesis] Blofeld in the final, and tragic, denouement.” Draco was played in the film by Diana Rigg — a k a Olenna Tyrell from “Game of Thrones.”

“Bond 25” has a Nov. 8, 2019, release date. Variety reported that Yann Demange (whose name already sounds like a Bond baddie) is the frontrunner to direct. Craig has said that the film will be his last: “I just want to go out on a high note.”


Daniel Craig to return as 007 in Bond 25. The actor confirmed he would play James Bond for the fifth time to @colbertlateshow

Daniel Craig has revealed the worst kept secret in the film world – he will play James Bond again.The actor made the announcement in the United States on Stephen Colbert’s The Late Show on Tuesday night.

Say never again: why Daniel Craig should quit while he’s ahead as Bond

On the show Craig was asked about the long saga of the will he/won’t he play the character for a fifth time.

“I have been quite cagey about it. I have been doing interviews all day and people have been asking me and I think I’ve been rather coy. But kind of felt like if I was going to speak the truth I should speak truth to you.”

Colbert then says: ‘We could use some good news here. Daniel Craig, will you return as James Bond?’

The actor then replies: “Yes.”

The one word was met by ecstatic cheering in the studio audience.

But Craig hinted that it would be his last outing as the famous fictional secret agent.

“I think this is it. I just want to go out on a high note and I can’t wait,” he said.

Within the last few days he had said no deal had been struck over the next 007 instalment, which is due out in 2019. He told US radio station Magic that he would “love to do it” but was weighing up “personal decisions”.

Craig has so far appeared in four Bond films – Casino Royale, Quantum Of Solace, Skyfall and Spectre.

The news was also met with some relief on Twitter.

Daniel Craig denies having decided to play James Bond in next movie

Daniel Craig has denied that he has made a decision about returning to James Bond for the upcoming new movie.

Although it was previously reported that Craig had signed on for James Bond 25, he has said in a new interview that “no decision has been made at the moment.”

Speaking to Boston radio show Morning Magic 106.7, Craig said: “There’s a lot of noise out there and nothing official has been confirmed and I’m not, like, holding out for more money or doing anything like that.

“It’s just all very personal decisions to be made at the moment. I know they’re desperate to get going and I would, in theory, love to do it, but there is no decisions just yet.”

V&A Museum celebrates production designer Ken Adam

On Saturday 9 September 2017 the V&A Museum will celebrate Ken Adam’s extraordinary contribution to the art of production design. Speakers at the Designing Bond and Beyond: the art of Ken Adam event include Christopher Frayling, Ian Christie, Jane Barnwell and Matthew Sweet. Film director Nicholas Hynter will recall working with Adam on the film version of The Madness of King George (1994) for which Adam won his second Oscar (the first was for Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon in 1975).

James Bond 25: Daniel Craig’s US TV series Purity delayed because of 007

While there’s been no confirmation over who will play James Bond in the upcoming 25th film, seemingly everyone under the sun knows Daniel Craig will be back.For anyone that needed more confirmation, the American TV network Showtime has revealed that the series Purity, starring Craig, has been delayed due to Bond.

“He’s doing Bond first and I can’t say anything about what I know or don’t know about Bond, [but] It’s possible it may not shoot until 2019,” Showtime CEO David Nevins told reporters, as noted by The Hollywood Reporter.
Despite no official confirmation, Christoph Waltz and Dave Bautista are both expected to return as villains while Naomie Harris (Miss Moneypenny), Ben Whishaw (Q) and Rory Kinnear are all set to return.

Daniel Craig will play James Bond for a fifth time, television boss accidentally lets slip during interview

Daniel Craig will play James Bond for a fifth time, a television boss has let slip.The actor, 49, was due to start work soon on TV drama Purity.

But the US series has been put on hold, with Showtime network boss David Nevins saying of Craig: “He’s doing Bond first.”
With an announcement yet to be made, he added: “I can’t say anything about what I know or don’t know about Bond.
“That’s not my area. It’s poss­ible [Purity] may not shoot until 2019.” Purity, based on Jonathan Franzen’s novel, was due to go into production this year. Craig was expected to appear in most of the two 10-episode seasons, as a German provocateur.

Yet rumours have been circulating that he landed a bumper deal to make two more Bond films, despite vowing he would rather “slash his wrists” than reprise the role of 007.

Bond 25, working title Shatterhand, is due for release in November 2019.