Boss battles are an integral part of the James Bond film franchise; nearly every Bond movie has its resident tough guy, a seemingly insurmountable human obstacle that 007 must square off against. While our hero has faced many rogues, from Oddjob to Jaws, only a few have come truly iconic. Even fewer have returned for more than one James Bond film.

Dave Bautista, the former WWE star turned actor, currently playing the role of Drax the Destroyer in “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2,” recently expressed interest rejoining the James Bond universe. When last we saw Bautista’s character, the all-but-unstoppable villain Mr. Hinx in 2015’s “Spectre,” Bond was tossing him from a moving train. While audiences assumed that’d be the last we’d see of “Spectre’s “resident tough-guy-henchman, the man behind the monster sees value in a return fight.

When talking at the “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” European premiere to Bautista discussed the possibility of returning to the spy franchise, saying, “Yeah! Believe me we’re talking about it a lot. We’re waiting at home with our fingers crossed… We’re waiting for the news to see if Daniel will sign up for Bond 25, because then there’s a chance that Hinx will come back.”

‘James Bond 25’ Ignites Bidding War Between 5 Studios

EON and MGM own the rights to the James Bond films, but they do not distribute them. They’re production companies, but they need a distributor to get the film into theaters and handle the marketing. Sony Pictures had owned the rights to Bond since 2006, but that ownership expired in 2015 with Spectre. Now the rights are back up for grabs and the New York Times reports that five studios are in contention to make the next Bond movie.The five studios fighting for the rights to Bond are Sony, Warner Bros., Universal Pictures, 20th Century Fox, and Annapurna (Paramount is out because it’s been struggling and recently hired a new chairman, and Disney is already flushed with family-friendly franchises).

It’s worth noting that right now MGM and EON are only offering a one-picture deal. Per the NY Times, “MGM, which is owned by private equity firms, including Anchorage Capital Partners, probably wants to keep its options open as it considers a sale or public offering.” It’s also a smart play to see who’s a good steward of the franchise. If someone completely botches the release of Bond 25, you don’t want to be tied to them for three or four more pictures.

As for whether or not a new actor will be coming on to play Bond, producers are hoping to get Daniel Craig back for one more movie. There’s reportedly a gap in his schedule where, if things come together, he would have time to make the movie.

It’s worth noting that the value of franchises are outweighed by the particular benefits offered by Bond. According to the Times:
“Under its previous agreement, Sony paid 50 percent of the production costs for “Spectre” — which totaled some $250 million after accounting for government incentives — but only received 25 percent of certain profits, once costs were recouped. Sony also shouldered tens of millions of dollars in marketing and had to give MGM a piece of the profit from non-Bond films Sony had in its own pipeline, including “22 Jump Street.”
So why give so much when you’re going to get so little? Because Bond is a guaranteed hit. It generates massive interest worldwide, and it’s one of the few franchises that can be sold on name recognition alone. There’s a reason it’s endured for over fifty years and weathered loads of bad movies. And while Bond would be a nice addition to massive studios like Sony, WB, Universal, and 20th Century Fox, it could be a game-changer for up-and-comer Annapurna, which only recently became a distributor and has stuck mostly to pushing auteur-driven cinema as opposed to blockbusters. It will be interesting to see where Bond lands and how it affects the studio that acquires the rights.

Fleming, Ian Fleming – the author as collector

Jon Gilbert, author of the award-winning Ian Fleming Bibliography, antiquarian book dealer and collector, will enlighten the audience with his insightful knowledge of the Bond author. Not only did Fleming set up The Book Collector 65 years ago, he also managed to create one of the most inspiring book collections. The theme? Books that changed the world.His collection is now part of the Lilly Library and Jon will talk about some of the highlights and Ian’s collecting secrets, but also about the Bond creator’s reading habits – his love of poetry, thrillers and adventure stories.

Ian’s nephew James Fleming will be introducing Jon, who will be joined by Fergus Fleming for a short Q&A afterwards.

Lecture followed by drinks reception sponsored by The Book Collector.

By kind permission of the Institute of English Studies

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Alessandro Cremona a Genova

L’attore Alessandro Cremona, il “cattivo” nell’ultimo film della serie di 007, Spectre, è a Genova per un nuovo progetto: un teaser di un thriller basato sui misteri della città. Prodotta dalla genovese Structural project, Dark Town Genova è una fiction a puntate che mescola le inchieste di una giornalista locale con le storie dei tassisti. La serie è studiata per promuovere Genova, tanto che sono già diversi gli imprenditori locali a sostenere il progetto come sponsor. 

Cremona farà anche in questa occasione il ruolo del cattivo. «E’ la mia specialità», racconta. «Ma niente inseguimenti: sarà un cattivo pacato, sicuro del suo potere»

Pierce Brosnan to display paintings in Paris

The GoldenEye star worked at an art studio in London when he was a teenager and later trained at Saint Martin’s School of Art, but left to study acting at the Drama Centre London.

The GoldenEye star worked at an art studio in London when he was a teenager and later trained at Saint Martin’s School of Art, but left to study acting at the Drama Centre London. Brosnan has always kept up with his first love throughout his acting career and later this year he will showcase his paintings publicly for the first time. “I’ve been painting steadily for some time. I think I’m going to be having an exhibit at the end of the year in Paris,” he told Live! with Kelly on Thursday (06Apr17). “That’s the plan. That would be a first, I’ve never shown my work before, not in such a capacity.”

“I feel quite relaxed (about it) now, but I do look at the work and say, ‘Am I out of my mind?’ But there’s something there,” he added. “There’s some kind of gesture of form and colour for sure. So yeah, I just met these people and they said they would like to show the work.”

He has already made money from his art – Brosnan sold a portrait of a Mexican man, titled Macho Llorando, to The Godfather producer Albert S. Ruddy.

And his art has also hit the headlines for the wrong reasons – the actor had to settle a secret legal spat with Paul McCartney’s brother over a photo he recreated as a painting for his late wife. Michael McCartney threatened legal action against Brosnan after realising his Just Four Guys piece was a colourful reinterpretation of the photographer’s black and white shot of the Beatles. Brosnan painted the picture for his then-wife Cassandra Harris, who was a big Beatles fan, and had no idea it would cause a fuss.

Showing off the picture and the original McCartney photo during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in May, 2013, the movie star said, “Michael, bless him, took a little umbrage at it… because it’s copyrighted and I didn’t know anything about copyright… I just did the painting for her. Anyway, all is good.”

Jeffrey Wright Teases Felix’s Return in James Bond 25

The mystery behind James Bond 25 is a bit more clear. There’s a good chance Daniel Craig will be back at least one more time as MI6’s main man. And now it looks like he will be getting some help from a familiar friend. Jeffrey Wright, who is the most recent actor to play CIA agent Felix Leiter in the James Bond franchise, seems to be teasing his return as the character in James Bond 25.Jeffrey Wright, who many of you may recognize as Bernard from HBO’s Westworld, occasionally throws up a fun, vague tease on social media. That is exactly what he, at least seemingly, did the other day when he posted a photo of himself as Felix from Quantum of Solace with a very simple but very effective caption. Assuming that he is indeed teasing his return in James Bond 25. Here is what he had to say on Twitter.

“Eh, who’s that brother? #Bond”

If Jeffrey Wright does come back as Felix Leiter in the as of yet untitled James Bond 25, it will be a milestone for the long-running spy franchise. He will wind up being the first actor to ever play the character three different times. Wright first played Leiter in Casino Royale, which was also Daniel Craig’s first turn as 007. He then returned for the less successful and much-maligned sequel Quantum of Solace. He was absent from Skyfall and Spectre, but there really wasn’t a lot of room to bring the CIA into those stories. If James Bond 25 is going to be the final Bond movie to feature Daniel Craig, it would be very appropriate to bring back Felix.
The drama surrounding James Bond 25 has been somewhat constant ever since Daniel Craig said that he would rather “slash his wrists” than do another movie after Spectre finished filming. He later walked back those comments and recently, it was reported that producer Barbara Broccoli had seemingly convinced him to come back for one last movie. However, it should be noted that, even if Daniel Craig doesn’t return, it doesn’t rule out Jeffrey Wright’s return as Felix Leiter. The James Bond franchise famously ignores continuity in this way. For example. Judi Dench started playing M during Pierce Brosnan’s run as 007, but she stayed on to play the character up through Skyfall. That said, Jeffrey Wright coming back could be seen as an indicator that Daniel Craig has been swayed to return.
If it isn’t Craig in James Bond 25, other names that have been thrown around to replace him include Idris Elba, Aidan Turner, Tom Hardy and Tom Hiddleston. Though, it seems like Barbara Broccoli has ruled Hiddleston out, if recent reports are to be believed. In any case, Neil Purvis and Robert Wade, who have written quite a few James Bond movies in the past, are currently working on the script for James Bond 25. It also sounds like the production is shooting in Croatia, possibly later this year. And if we are reading into this tweet correctly, it looks like Jeffrey Wright will be there. You can check out his post for yourself below.

Daniel Craig set for ‘one more’ James Bond film as producers ‘finally persuade him’ to return

Daniel Craig is reportedly set to return as James Bond for one more film after being ‘persuaded’ by producers. The British actor, who previously joked that he’d rather ‘slash his wrists’ than play the secret service spy again, is thought to be in talks with Barbara Broccoli about a new script.

According to Page Six, Craig was finally convinced to step into 007’s again after working with Broccoli on his hit off-Broadway production of Othello. “Daniel was very pleased with how ‘Othello’ went and the great reviews. Now Daniel’s talks with Barbara are going in the right direction,” said a source. “They have a script — screenwriting duo Neal Purvis and Robert are writing and they’ll go into production as soon as Daniel is ready to commit.”