Norfolk actor favourite to be new James Bond

Jack Huston, who was born in King’s Lynn, is one of the front runners to succeed Daniel Craig who had reportedly told film bosses that Spectre was his fourth and final Bond movie.
The 33-year-old is third favourite with the bookmakers to play the lothario at 3/1 with Aidan Turner and James Norton leading the race with fans.
Huston is currently promoting his latest film, a remake of the classic Ben-Hur, where he stars alongside Morgan Freeman. And in a recent interview on the promotional tour he dismissed the growing rumours that he is in contention to become the new Bond.
He said: “That is exactly what they are purely rumours. I have not had a single conversation about this.”

The son of Lady Margot Lavinia Cholmondeley and Walter Anthony Huston, he was born in King’s Lynn in 1982 and went on to study at Hurtwood House in Surrey.
His first major film role came in 2006 when he appeared alongside Sienna Miller in the biopic Factory Girl. He later went on to have roles in Twilight, Outlander and Shrink before appearing in 41 episodes of the hit American television series Boardwalk Empire.
More recently he appeared in the Oscar award winning American Hustle and alongside Downton Abbey star Lily James in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.
It has not been announced yet when the next James Bond film, the 25th in the series, will start production or what part of Ian Fleming’s work will be depicted.
Its predecessor Spectre was the most expensive Bond movie ever made with a budget of $245million with it winning best original song at the Oscars for Sam Smith’s hit ‘Writing on the Wall’.

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Sean Maguire as Ian Fleming in NBC series

The actor, who played Robin Hood on Once Upon a Time, will appear as Ian Fleming, author of the James Bond novels, on NBC’s upcoming time-travel drama Timeless, EW has learned exclusively. In the fourth episode, titled “Party at Castle Varlar,” the heroic trio led by historian Lucy (Abigail Spencer) will encounter Fleming early in his pre-Bond career, when he served as an undercover British agent behind enemy lines.


Executive producers Eric Kripke (Revolution) and Shawn Ryan (The Shield) wrote Fleming into the story when they decided to feature Nazi Germany for the hour. “We knew we couldn’t just do a war movie, so where we landed was, ‘Alright, then let’s do a spy movie,’” Kripke tells EW. “We needed a spy in Germany to help our heroes and bring them into this world… and we turned to our historian, and he said, ‘Let me work on it,’ and then he comes running in the room an hour later and says, ‘Ian Fleming was there!’” Laughing, Kripke adds, “So, quickly, we realized our World War II story was really a James Bond movie, and we had the real James Bond.”

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Octopussy (Maud Adams) is the head of a secret order of female bandits and smugglers. She lives at The Floating Place on Lake Pichola, Udaipur, India, a man-made island populated solely by women and only accessible via her private barge. Partnered with exiled Afghan prince Kamal Kahn in a $300 million jewellery smuggling operation she runs a European circus that provides the perfect cover for this operation’s activities. Her father was Major Dexter Smythe a leading authority on octopi who gave his daughter her pet name. Octopussy first meets Bond when he sneaks into her compound to find information about the death of 009. She tries to induce Bond to work for her unaware that her partner Khan wants 007 dead. Having been betrayed by Khan (when he replaces smuggled jewels with an atomic bomb on board her circus train), she seeks revenge on Khan by using her highly trained guards to attack Khan’s Monsoon Palace.


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Daniel Craig Showtime Series ‘Purity’ Won’t Interfere With James Bond Return

Daniel Craig had spoken about his desire to move on from the James Bond character after last year’s 007 movie Spectre. When he recently signed on to star in a 20-episode TV series, Purity for Showtime, that seemed like further indication that he had hung up the tuxedo for good. But doing the limited series doesn’t necessarily mean that he would not be available to do another Bond movie, should he opt to do that.It depends when they do the next James Bond movie, but I don’t think it precludes him is the answer,” Showtime CEO David Nevins said at TCA on Thursday. “This will largely be completed during the course of 2017, depending how long they’re willing to wait and shoot the next Bond. There might be some breaks somewhere, but [production] will be fairly continuous.”

There has been a lot of speculation about actors who could be in contention to succeed Craig as the next James Bond, though rumors also crop up from time to time that Craig might be asked to reprise the role again.

Purity, produced by Todd Field and Scott Rudin, is based on the book by The Corrections author Jonathan Franzen. Field will direct all 20 hours of the limited series, which he will co-write with Franzen and David Hare (The Hours, The Reader). Craig, Field, Rudin, Franzen, Hare and EIi Bush executive produce. Purity will begin production in 2017 and will air in two installments over the course of two years.

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Tom Hiddleston will never don 007’s tuxedo, says author Frederick Forsyth

Hiddleston is out of the running to be the next James Bond, according to spy thriller writer Frederick Forsyth.The Night Manager actor had at one point been bookmakers’ favourite to succeed Daniel Craig as 007.

But he has dropped to fourth in the race, behind Poldark’s Aidan Turner, American Hustle’s Jack Huston and Granchester’s James Norton.

Now 77-year-old Forsyth, author of best-selling thriller The Day Of The Jackal, claims that an anonymous source told him there was “no way” Hiddleston would ever be handed the role.

He told the Mail on Sunday: “I got a tip the other day which I’ll share with you.

“I understand (Bond producer) Barbara Broccoli is absolutely no way going to pick Tom Hiddleston. No. Way.”

The author added that he could never see a female in the role either.

“A Janie Bond? I don’t think so. I’m going to be sexist here, I don’t think it has the credibility.

“The public are die-stamped with the idea that Wexford is a fella; Morse is a fella; Lewis is a fella.

“There is Vera, but the others…Rosemary and Thyme? I just can’t believe them. They simply don’t convince.

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BOND 25 uscirà nel 2018. Fari puntati su Jack Huston come nuovo James BOND.

Avevamo segnalato in precedenza qui nel nostro blog, che il nuovo film di James Bond non sarebbe uscito prima del 2018.Eon PRODUCTIONS e’ al momento impegnata nella ricerca di un nuovo regista e sceneggiatore, inoltre la produttrice Barbara Broccoli sta lavorando a due nuovi film che usciranno il prossimo anno. Quest’arco temporale le darà la possibilità di elaborare assieme con il suo Team la sceneggiatura di BOND 25, e di convincere Daniel Craig a un clamoroso ritorno, dopo i numerosi e insistenti rumour che lo davano in uscita dal ruolo di 007. 

Ma, un nuovo rumour nel frattempo si affaccia: la nuova stella del cinema Jack Huston ( Ben Hur) sarebbe corteggiato dalla produzione per diventare il nuovo James Bond.

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Jamie Bell e Theo James bocciati ai provini per il nuovo 007

Il sito Heatstreet ha rivelato che i due attori inglesi, Jamie Bell e Theo James non hanno superato i provini per interpretare James Bond.

“I due test non sono stati convincenti. La gara e’ ancora aperta. La produttrice Barbara Broccoli sta attualmente realizzando un film con Jamie Bell, ma quando lo stesso ha sostenuto il provino, semplicemente non ha funzionato. Per quanto riguarda Theo James, che aveva messo in mostra il suo appeal bondiano, nella campagna pubblicitaria di Hugo Boss, non ha funzionato durante il provino per diventare il nuovo 007”.

Alcuni continuano a riproporre il nome di Tom Hiddleston, che ci pare la scelta piu’ facile per dare continuita’ al Bond di Craig. Lo stesso Craig che al momento, salvo smentite ufficiali della produzione, e’ e rimane James Bond. Aidan Turner e’ l’altro nome che i media continuano ad  affiancare ad Hiddleston come outsider. 

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Panini Comics porta in Italia la nuova serie a fumetti di James Bond

In un annuncio prima del Comic-Con International: San Diego, Dynamite Entertainment ha annunciato la lista degli editori internazionali che pubblicheranno la nuova serie a fumetti di James Bond scritta da Warren Ellis (Transmetropolitan) e disegnata da Jason Masters(Batman Incorporated), tra cui spicca Panini Comics, che ha acquisito i diritti di pubblicazione per Italia, Spagna e Messico.
La collaborazione per riportare James Bond nel mondo dei fumetti nasce da un accordo tra Dynamite Entertainment e Ian Fleming Publications. Le storie scritte da Ellis, infatti, sono ispirate alle serie di libri dello scrittore britannico e non alla saga cinematografica.
James Bond Volume 1: VARGR di Ellis e Masters è già disponibile in lingua inglese.
“Siamo leader nelle pubblicazioni americane nel mondo e siamo orgogliosi di pubblicare e rappresentare i fumetti di James Bond in Italia, Spagna e Messico,” ha detto Marco Lupoi, direttore editoriale Panini. “Bond è l’eroe archetipico per i tempi complessi in cui viviamo, e la nuova serie Dynamite cattura alla perfezione quest’aspetto.”

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007 – Skyfall: la storia di come i guanti in pelle di Daniel Craig stessero per costare caro alla produzione

I guanti in pelle sono generalmente costosi, ma quelli che Daniel Craig ha acquistato durante le riprese di 007 – Skyfall stavano per costare molto caro alla produzione.A raccontarlo è stato il critico e regista Charlie Lyne su twitter (video in calce).

Durante le riprese del film – spiega il giornalista – Craig chiese al regista di indossare dei guanti in pelle sul set perché “sono dei guanti che James Bond indosserebbe“. Un Sam Mendes particolarmente stanco accettò la proposta senza pensare alle conseguenze di quel gesto.

Qualche mese dopo, in sala montaggio, la produzione si ritrovò a guardare le scene girate nel casinò e si rese conto di un grosso problema: nella sequenza, una guardia si impossessa della pistola di Bond e preme il grilletto, ma senza successo, perché la pistola è programmata per riconoscere le impronte digitali. Come aveva fatto, allora, l’agente 007 ad usarla poco prima indossando dei guanti?

Il team era nel panico: rigirare l’intera avrebbe significato un deciso incremento nel budget, e così, alla fine, optarono per sostituire i guanti in digitale durante la post-produzione.

Se le mani di Craig nelle scene in questione vi sembrano un po’…plasticose, adesso sapete perché.

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Winding Refn fu contattato per dirigere SPECTRE prima di Sam Mendes

In una recente intervista al giornale “The Telegragh” il regista Nicolas Winding Refn, afferma che fu contattato per dirigere SPECTRE prima dell’Ok da parte di Sam Mendes nel voler tornare a dirigere un film di 007.Curiosamente, il progetto SPECTRE, aveva uno script realizzato da Neal Purvis e Robert Wade ( questa notizia sembra smentire un iniziale coinvolgimento di John Logan), con la proposta da parte di Refn di poter dirigere il nuovo film di Bond, avendone il controllo fino alla fine, seguendo l’idea di un suo progetto ambientato a Tokyo, intitolato “The Avenging silence”. Refn dice ora che quando le trattative per SPECTRE non proseguirono, ne fu contento.

Effettivamente la storia raccontata in SPECTRE e’ così ridicola che un autore di grande qualità qual’e’ uno come Refn, non avrebbe potuto certo dirigere esprimendo le sue grandi capacità.

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